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We are glad to present you our new heading #VersalRecommendsreading !!!
Here we will write about books that will help you to improve your English.
So, #VersalRecommendsreading
• Written By Winston Groom
• English level-intermediate)
Winston Groom tells the story of one hero, but through it is clearly traced satire on all American society of the 20th century.
"Forrest Gump" -a novel that has caused a lot of mixed reviews, every reader saw it something different.
The film, loosely based on the novel, got a great success, however, there are differences with the book.
Therefore, we recommend reading the book. The protagonist of the book-Forrest Gump, kind and naive adult man,
born mentally retarded child.
Most people think he's a real idiot just because he can't connect a few words. Despite their low intelligence,
man has life experience, and abilities that are not available to other, seemingly more intelligent and wealthy people.
The book is about a man whose fate makes you believe in the impossible. But how, you will know only after reading the book)
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